Their Story

We were looking for our first home in Chatham and found it online- we weren’t sure we were going to buy it but thought ‘let’s go see it at least’ because we really liked it from the photos. It was actually the first-ever house we went through but we liked it so much we decided it would be our first-home as a married couple. We were already Mainstreet members for four years before so we called up our advisor and Joe got the approval process started right away.

We put an offer on the house and everything went so smooth. Joe took care of everything and ahead of schedule. The rate we got was unheard of – we could not be happier!

We had lots of questions being first-timers and we would email him sometimes at 10 at night and be super surprised when we got a reply back 15 minutes later with an answer. He was so friendly and really willing to help- it just felt like a one-on-one experience we would not have had somewhere else.

We’ve had such a busy year! We got married and adopted our dog Chester in October 2015, started the house purchase process in December and moved-in in February. This coming spring on our list is fixing up the backyard – adding some grass and landscaping for Chester to play on.

It feels great to own our own home- it’s nice knowing that if we want to make a hole in the wall or paint it our favourite colour we can- because we own it!

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