Their Story

Are we dating ourselves if we say we have been members since it was Polysar Credit Union? Well that’s over 25 years ago now and we wouldn’t bank anywhere else. We’re almost as committed to Mainstreet as we are to each other – we’ve been married now for 27 years.

It was 20 years ago that we got our first mortgage with what is now Mainstreet while we lived in Petrolia. We weren’t really looking for a new home but when we saw this place and came in for the viewing we just knew– it had everything we wanted and more. We came back the next day with an offer and we sold our own home in 10 days! It was a whirlwind and it was actually after it all took place that we came in to Mainstreet to see what would work best for the mortgage.

The mortgage process was really easy until the time that we had issues with the sellers and we were actually worried the deal was going to fall through- it was so stressful and we were worried we were going to lose our dream home but Mainstreet was on our side supporting us all the way through and helped approve us to have both loans for a short time and quickly re-worked all the financing details and paperwork so we could finalize the deal.

Looking forward to more happy years with Mainstreet ahead!

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