Mainstreet's business and Ag mortgages are available for borrowing needs like the purchase of farm land or commercial property, farm or office equipment, building construction or renovations, to acquire additional quota, or more.

Features and benefits:

  • Low, fixed and prime-based, mortgage rates
  • Terms of up to 5 years (with the potential for up to 20 year amortization periods)
  • A variety of custom payment options including excellent pre-payment privileges
  • Life, disability, and critical illness insurance, is also an available option to protect you and your loved ones so your mortgage payments can continue if you are facing a difficult time
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Mortgage Insurance

For most families, farms, and businesses the biggest debt and the biggest monthly expense are one and the same thing: the mortgage. Mortgage life insurance, available on all Mainstreet mortgages, helps ensure the security of your family home in the event of loss of life.

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